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What makes a good programmer? Is it talent, years in the field, or what school you graduated from? For me it's none of those things. I believe what makes a good programmer is passion, dedication, determination, & the ability to make whatever you're working on fun and exciting. There will always be new technologies and difficult challenges, and those who have the dedication, passion & determination will always rise to that challenge. They will learn quickly because it is fun for them, and in doing so inspire those around them.

My Professional Background

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2014 DECEMBER - 2015 MARCH

Competitve Edge Software

Mobile Developer

Job Description

Xamarin Developer
  • Xamrin, C#, Service Stack, MVVM
  • Given 6 months to upgrade entire UI... I completed in 3 months
  • Built features i was told were impossible


Dept. Workforce & Dev

Web Developer / System Analystv

Job Description

Web Developer / System Analyst
  • C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC4, JSON, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, WCF, WEB-API, Aspose, Active Directory, Control-M
  • Updated Batch Systems From 2003 to 2008 & 2012
  • Turned Legacy Winforms into Web Apps
  • Created & Manged WCF Services
  • Mobile Developtment
  • Web Responsive Pages Using BootStrap 3.0
  • Developed & Trained Others in Advanced Front End Tactics
  • FTP Batch Solutions
  • Updated Active Directory Access Class
  • Web App Security
  • Created Dynamic PDF Submition Solutions

2011 March - 2013 July


2011 - 2012 Web Developer / SEO

Job Description

Web Developer / SEO
  • C#, MSSQL
  • Large File User CMS
  • Image & Content CMS
  • Created SEO Content, Images & Tactics
  • SEO Campaign that brought in over $20,000 in sites first year
  • Brought in customers like Osacr Mayer & Marcus Theaters

My Education


2009 September - 2011 June



School Profile Description

Everyone in my family went to MATC so I thought it would be a great place to start. While I enjoyed the class room experience, my preferred method of learning is to dive into a project and create something that applies the new technology.


  • Lyle Rudolph

    The site was exactly what we needed. We rank for our targeted keywords, the site looks great and we can edit everything ourselves. Our customers can upload, download, and edit large photos to us via FTP which makes things a lot easier. The overall experience working with Karl was excellent and I highly recommend him.

  • James Pederson

    I have known karl for over 15 years. He is a professional, and shares my passion for web-development.

  • Dan Walters

    Genereal Manager

    It was common to see karl working late every night. It has been a long time since i have seen someone as dedicated as Karl.

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